Angle of Attack - Reviews

Still Makin' Waves - Vintage Guitar - May 2009

by Dan Forte


Reverb Galaxy, a Maryland-based quartet that literally wears it's reverb on it's sleeve. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, as the nine originals in Angle of Attack illustrate. All four members have a hand in the songwriting, but Strat-wielding lead guitarist Art Svrjcek leads the way - from the angular opener "Invasion", to his melodic nod to Hank Marvin "In the Shadows' Shadow". It is, in fact the strength and variety of the compositions that impress most here - which considering the band's tightness and Svrjcek's big tone, is saying a lot. This, thankfully, is not a collection of riffs in search of a melody-the trap too many neo-surfers fall into. If the Ventures were still in the practice of mining regional bands' repertoires for material, they would do well to check out Reverb Galaxy.



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